The Orton-Gillingham Approach
What is the
OG Approach?
How do we use
OG Approach in Educational Therapy?

Language Based, Multisensory

Orton-Gillingham therapy sessions are action oriented with auditory, visual, and kinesthetic elements reinforcing each other for optimal learning. The student learns spelling simultaneously with reading.

The Approach is based on a technique of studying and teaching language, the mechanisms involved in learning, and the language-learning processes in individuals.

The OG Approach is the brain child of both Dr. Samuel Orton (Neuropsychiatrist) and Anna Gillingham (Educator/Psychologist), with its principles heavily guided by years of clinical research.

Structured, Sequential & Cumulative

The Orton-Gillingham therapist introduces the elements of the language systematically. Students begin by reading and writing sounds in isolation. They then blend the sounds into syllables and words. Students learn the elements of language, e.g., consonants, vowels, digraphs, blends, and diphthongs, in an orderly fashion. As the student progresses, they proceed to advanced structural elements such as learning the concepts of ‘syllable types’, ‘roots’, and ‘affixes’. As students learn new material, they continue to review old material to the level of automaticity.

The therapist addresses vocabulary, sentence structure, composition, and reading comprehension in a similar structured, sequential, and cumulative manner.

To find out more about OG Approach, click Here.

Successful results have followed intervention at any age, even in adults
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